At ConnectGV we see the possibility, not the disAbility and seek partnerships that allow many of the programs and options to be offered within the local community.  Since its inception in 1954, ConnectGV has continually evolved and now offers Day options, Supported employment, Residential options and Outreach Services and is seen as a leading disability provider withn the Goulburn Valley. 


ConnectGV is a not for profit, registered NDIS provider, limited by guarantee, and is governed by a skills based Board of Directors committed to providing diverse options and quality service provision. The Board of Directors is committed to securing the future direction of ConnectGV and has therefore adopted a Strategic Plan. The directions outlined in this strategic plan have been developed by the Board in consultation with ConnectGV key stakeholders and the local community.  The plan reaffirms the commitment as a major provider of disability services in the Goulburn Valley.  This document focuses on clients and staff and provides the basis for detailed planning.  It establishes the template against which decisions are derived, performance is measured and resources are allocated.  It acts as the guide to focus agency energy. Please follow the link to view the ConnectGV Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019.  The ConnectGV Strategic Plan is due to expire on 20 April 2019, however the ConnectGV Board of Directors adopted an addendum to the Strategic Plan extending it to 20 April 2020. The addendum was approved to align ConnectGV’s strategic direction with future Government planning.  Please follow the link to read the Addendum to ConnectGV Strategic Plan 2016-2019.


ConnectGV is managed by Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Carolynne Frost and it employs a number of senior managers to oversee and operate the various facets of the agency. A large base of talented and committed support and residential staff are drawn upon to deliver options, and ConnectGV also welcomes the support and services of volunteers who donate their time and or expertise on a regular or one off event basis.



A fully inclusive community.



For ConnectGV to continuously develop, coordinate and strengthen service options which connect people with disabilities to their local community.



Individuality … Respecting the needs and opinions of individuals.

Accountability … Through professional service delivery.

Empathy … In the way we relate to participants.

Co-operation … Working effectively together.

Social justice … And equity for all people.

Integrity … In conducting our service.

Flexibility... Through provision of individual supports.


Outcomes - ConnectGV aims for people to
  • Become more confident and assertive in achieving personal goals.

  • Develop skills to become more self reliant and independent.

  • Expand and develop friendships through social interaction and integration.

  • Enable people to pursue leisure options, recreational options and access to the community.

  • Gain pre-vocational skills to enhance employment options.

  • Access a pathway for development via coordinated services.


ConnectGV See The Possibility

Partnerships are sought to enable options to be offered within

the local community

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