2020-21 Annual Report

Now in its 69th year of providing options and services to local people with a disability and their families, ConnectGV is pleased to provide you with the 2020-21 ConnectGV Annual Report, distributed electronically to those registered to attend ConnectGV's virtual annual general meeting held on October 27, 2021. The report provides an overview of participant and agency achievements over the past 12 months and also recognises the contributions of all who assist in providing a future of opportunities for local people with a disability including the board of directors, staff, volunteers and its community and business partners.  Please follow the link to read the 2020-21 ConnectGV Annual Report.


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Subscribe to become a member of ConnectGV for just $2 per year.  Membership will allow you to vote at the annual general meeting and a copy of the annual report will be posted to you.  To join please call into the ConnectGV office at 12 Bowenhall Street Shepparton, or click on the link to open and print a copy of the ConnectGV membership form.


Client and agency achievements over the past 12 months