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During 2014, the ConnectGV Board of Directors announced and introduced the ConnectGV Ambassadors, Adam Furphy, Kate Palmer and Professor Avni Sali.  Each person was selected by, and invited to take up the role of Ambassador, by the Board due to their association with the organisation or their roles within local community.   Further, the vision of each individual is similar to that of ConnectGV’s in that they support a ‘fully inclusive community’.  The Ambassadors work with ConnectGV to assist in improving the lives of people with a disability through inclusion and by raising awareness.

Adam Furphy
Managing Director
J.Furphy & Sons
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Adam's family owned company has a long association with Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley that has endured across five generations. Today the company is a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks for the food, beverage and chemical industries.  The company also provides laser cutting and hot dip galvanizing services.  Furphy's was one of the first companies in Shepparton to employ people with an Intellectual Disability in their workforce and continue to do so today.


"I support ConnectGV because I believe that it performs a very important role in our community by allowing greater participation in life for those who require this assistance.  This is of great value to the clients of ConnectGV but it is also of great importance to our community as a whole.  Through my role as a ConnectGV Ambassador I hope to encourage a greater awareness of the services provided by this organisation and the contribution made to the community by its clients".

Kate Palmer
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"The ConnectGV vision ‘A fully inclusive community' resonates strongly with me. Every individual should have the opportunity to reach their potential and to be able to contribute to Australia in a way that is meaningful to them. I am particularly pleased to be involved with an organisation that is doing such great work for people with disabilities in the community I grew up in.  I hope that I can assist ConnectGV in achieving their strategic objectives by being an advocate for the organisation and for the individuals they serve, raise awareness and promote ConnectGV programs through my networks".

Watch the clip to hear more from the ConnectGV Ambassadors

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Professor Avni Sali
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Professor Sali is the founding Director of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM).  As a world leader in the field of integrating evidence-based complementary medicine with mainstream medicine, his lifelong work has been to further the advancement of Integrative medicine as the best medical model for healthcare.


"I prefer to look at what is possible and make things happen!  ConnectGV provides an invaluable community service to individuals and their families.  Through my role I hope to assist ConnectGV to enrich the lives of people with disabilities and integrate them into an inclusive community".

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