Individual Support

ConnectGV’s Individual Support program enables participants to maximize opportunities to increase their skills to transition through various stages to reach their goals, in educational, vocational or community and social. While encouraging a high degree of autonomy as they take an active role in planning their futures. Participants learn practical skills that they can use in their community every day.

The Individual Support Program supports a holistic approach for each participant. The program is divided into three development areas:

The Pathway Program area actively focuses on promoting independence in everyday life, through development of skills, educational based and seeking pre - employment. Participants are given the opportunity to develop their independence with an emphasis on accessing public transport, money handling and gaining practical experience in a workplace environment. The Pathways team, work with school leaver’s (SLES) who have finished Year 12 wanting help to get ready for work. Assist with employment pathways and develop tailored activities to meet each client’s needs. E.g. work experience in an inclusive employment environment.


Community, Social and Inclusion
The Community, Social and Inclusion area supports participants within the community or provides support in their home. Individuals are supported to access and participate in community and recreational activities.  Participants who live in the community (not within a residential home) are assisted and supported to maintain their accommodation and everyday life skills.


Engagement and Participation (Bowenhall Campus)
The Engagement and Participation area delivers meaningful activities centre based that promote social inclusion and participation, sensory development and integration. In this area, ConnectGV works with participants who may have complex and high needs with varied support requirements. Programs focus on engaging client participation and are tailored to individual support needs.


It’s all about constantly improving participants’ independence and their ability to take part in everyday life, confident in the knowledge that they will be supported every step of the way.

If you are a current participant and have any queries please contact Irene Timm on
5821 2466 or New participants, please follow the link to complete the
NDIS enquiry form.

Engagement and Participation term and leave dates - 

2022 Term Dates

Term 1: Monday, 4 January to Friday, 25 March

Term 2: Monday, 4 April to Friday, 24 June

Term 3: Monday, 4 July to Friday, 23 September

Term 4: Monday, 4 October to Friday, 23 December


Social and community connections, friendships and skills are developed.

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2022 Program and transport information  - 

Programs are diverse and aim to maximise opportunities and increase skills to support goal attainment.


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