Flower Power


About Flower Power

Flower Power operates each Tuesday and Wednesday and provides fresh flowers arranged into vases delivered to local businesses. Flowers are sourced weekly from local growers and are lovingly arranged into vases by supported employees. 

Flower Power's fresh flowers are available for purchase at our social enterprise, Billabong Garden Complex.


Supported Employment Opportunities

Supported employees are provided with the relevant training and support by instructors to enable them to participate in all aspects of this business.  Various skills are obtained including flower arranging, social and communication sklls through working as a team and delivering flowers directly to businesses within the local community.  Cash handing skills are also developed when the daily income is banked by supported employees at the end of the day.

Purchase from Flower Power

Flower Power is convenient and easy, it provides your business with an arrangement of flowers delivered to your door each week to ensure you always have fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers in a business reception area create aesthetic appeal and a welcoming appearance.

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Supported employees deliver fresh flowers to local businesses each week.

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