Respite for local families

ConnectGV became aware of the limited availability of respite opportunities for the more than 90 families that reside in the area who have a family member with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum.  There is also no structured opportunity for young people with Autism to gain experience in living away from home for short periods of time to develop the necessary skills which may allow them to become more independent in their living situation. As a result of fundraising efforts over the past four years, ConnectGV has built two units in Shepparton with the intent to help fill the service gap for these young people and their families.


Commencing in 2013, the respite unit hosts young people with Autism for social and skill development activities. The siblings of these young people also access the unit for pamper and social sessions to have some special time away from the family.

Please watch this short clip to see how respite makes a difference in the lives of those that require it - 

"We value the units and it is a home away from home".
- Trish Edgar