Staff Training

ConnectGV is committed to encouraging and providing opportunities for continuous improvement.  This is identified as a Quality Management Principle in the ConnectGV 2016 – 2019 Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Directors.  In line with these guiding principles, the ConnectGV Board of Directors and Management are dedicated to providing a culture of learning, reflective practice and innovation to improve service responsiveness and flexibility. 

The following training and information modules are accessible to ConnectGV staff and it is a requirement that staff view and are familiar with these.

Zero Tolerance 'Understanding Abuse' e-learning program

Understanding abuse is about recognising abuse as a violation of a person’s human rights. A focus on what makes life good for each person is the best way to enable rights and minimise risk of abuse. It is also about knowing what signs to be aware of. 

Please following the link for additional resources including –

  • ‘Understanding Abuse’ Learning Bites

  • ‘Understanding Abuse’ downloadable worksheets

  • ‘Understanding Abuse’ Guide for Supervisors

  • ‘Empowerment Circle’ diagram

An Introduction to Cultural Integrity

In this course, you will follow two Journeys, and work through tasks that will support you to learn some facts and perspectives of the lives of people from various cultures.

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